Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma

Bevers Bend State Park, Oklahoma
Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma

I was reviewing some photos to post for Holga Week when I ran into this lovely shot of my darling wife and show* daughter at Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma. This image has all the qualities of a wonderful Holga photograph. It has sweet-spot focus, a blurry background, vignetting around the edges and a double exposure in the bottom right corner.

This was taken on my oldest Holga camera. I can tell because of the double exposure in the bottom right corner. It’s not always this pronounced unless the subject is moving faster than the shutter. The double exposure gives movement to an otherwise still photograph.

I say my Holga cameras are both near and far sighted. I’m luck to get anything in focus. In the photo my daughters face is sharp while her hand is not. I doubt my Nikon would ever product a nicer shot.

Beavers Bend

The photo was taken at Beavers Bend State Park near Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma in 2013. This is the south east corner of the state. The state park has a small resort area with many cabins, camping sights and a state run hotel. There is a winding river which has really calm water for a family canoe ride. We did the same river three times during our state. We stopped to eat lunch and wade in the shallow river.

* I have three daughters. I list them in order: win, place and show.