I’m Still Searching for a Parkland Hospital Baby

I started looking for any baby born at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas on November 11, 1963. My searching has been limited and not a full time endeavor. Since August 2010, I have only had one person contact me about being born in Dallas on that day. However, the person was not born at Parkland Hospital.

I now have a list from Ancestry.com that gives me all the names of babies born in Dallas County on the same day as Kennedy’s assassination.

If you are on the list below or know someone who is on the list below, please have them contact me. I would very much like to meet them and possibly photograph them for the JFK book I am preparing for the 50th anniversary.

My ultimate goal is to get a Parkland baby, but I may just get a group of Dallas babies together for a special photograph.

Please contact me via the contact form at Dallas Art News or find me on Facebook at facebook.com/DeathByHolga or on Twitter at twitter.com/MrHolga. I can’t wait to meet you.

The following people were born in Dallas County on Friday, November 11, 1963, which means they will be 49 years old this Fall.

  1. Clara Aceves
  2. Sandra Sue Baldwin
  3. Roy Belcher
  4. Lynn Frances Belvin – Randi Romick might have Lynn’s information.
  5. Lisa Cheryle Bingham
  6. John Mack Brown
  7. Michael Eugene Brown
  8. Darla Kae Cannaday
  9. Johnny Ray Chapman
  10. Darleen Ann Church
  11. John Kennedy Clifton
  12. Jacqueline Linnett Cobb
  13. Octavia Thomas Crawford – Born at Parkland. Have email. Not made contact yet.
  14. Charles Gregory Daugherty
  15. Paul Doyle Denman
  16. Dana Lynn Douglas
  17. Michael Paul Dozier
  18. Leticia Alaman Duarte
  19. Retha Charlene Duncan
  20. Michael Fitzgerald Dunn
  21. Wayne Bennett Dyess
  22. Silvia Ivette Ekman
  23. Heedi Marie Evans
  24. Terrence (Terry) Wayne Falls
  25. Valerie Jo Foster
  26. Tina Gail Fuller – Contacted. Born at Methodist Hospital.
  27. Kimberly Kaye Giles
  28. Sharon Jill Gouge
  29. Heather Hackett – Contacted. Born at Baylor Hospital.
  30. Jeffrey Lee Hardin
  31. Jackie Ken Harris
  32. Pamela Renee Hendershott
  33. John David Hopkins
  34. Christopher Carroll Hunter
  35. Katrina Marie Jemerson
  36. Dean Thomas Jones
  37. Christopher David King
  38. George Hamilton Leach
  39. James Alvin Lee
  40. Kerry Ann Lewis
  41. Shenion Dence Lewis
  42. Tina Yvonna Madden
  43. David Wayne Majkszak
  44. Donald Duane Margraves
  45. Jackie Denise Martin
  46. Karen Rae McGinnis
  47. Terrie Eileen McKay Lamarche – Contacted. Born at Baylor.
  48. Megan McMurtrie
  49. Billy Troy Morgan
  50. Bruce Steven Morgan
  51. John Thomas Nabors
  52. Anthony Dwayne Nash
  53. William Patrick Nesmith
  54. Christene Denise Palmer
  55. Edna Michelle Peoples
  56. Angelita Perez
  57. Anthony Adam Perez
  58. Gwendolyn Paige Peterson – I am already in contact with Paige. She was born at a Dallas hospital just south of Parkland.
  59. Sherry Yvonne Phelps
  60. Christopher Lee Pierce
  61. John Fitzgerald Rodriguez
  62. David Anthony Rogers
  63. Randi Sue Romick – Contacted. Born at Baylor Hospital. Randi knows a couple more Kennedy babies.
    1. Debbi Levy – Randi knows her and she is game for a photo too.
  64. Jeffrey Michael Sanders
  65. Sandra Dee Satterwhite
  66. Charlotte Denise Smith
  67. Melissa Faye Smith
  68. Traci Lee Smith
  69. Daniel Brent Stovall
  70. Maureen Sweeney
  71. Paul Martin Zingler Trautwein
  72. Walter Zane Vaden
  73. Leroy Allen Venn
  74. Kendall Trace Wagner
  75. Christopher West
  76. Cathy Annette White
  77. Tony Vincent Williams
  78. Lisa Ann Yates
  79. Karen Denise Young

Contact me via the contact form at Dallas Art News or on Facebook at facebook.com/DeathByHolga or on Twitter at twitter.com/MrHolga. Cheers.

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  1. I was born at Baylor on 11-22-63 @ 11:12
    AM. I live in Dallas. I would love to talk with you.

  2. 46.Terrie Eileen McKay
    Terrie’s parents lived next door to me when she was born. I don’t have an email address but this is what I know. Her mother just died in Dec 2012 so you will probably have to leave a detailed message.
    Terrie McKay Lamarche
    *Contact information removed by Mr. Holga.

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